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Can I hold my space at the slot machine?

Most casinos will allow holds for short breaks to the restroom or to get a drink. Having a favorite game is part of the fun of playing slots. But remember, no one should “invest” time on a particular machine expecting a pay-out that is “due”. All outcomes on slot machines are determined randomly by a computer chip called a random number generator

All slot players should take breaks in the casino. Ask at your local property if short holds for the machine you are playing are allowed. Keep in mind a couple of points:

  • You will not change your chances of winning a jackpot on that machine because you return to it.
  • Slot outcomes are determined by a Random Number Generator (RNG)—or computer chip inside every machine—makes a thousand mathematical calculations per second to determine each outcome.
  • What happens when you touch ‘spin’? The screen’s outcome is set by the RNG, randomly locking a set of numbers that become associated with the symbols that appear on the machine’s screen.

    All outcomes will be random—meaning no machine is ever ‘due.’