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What is a moneyline?

Moneyline betting is wagering on a contest based on a proposed price rather than on a point spread. You are betting on who wins the game outright, at an adjusted cost—the moneyline odds.

With moneyline odds, the team with the minus sign (e.g. -130) is considered the favorite. A moneyline of -130 means the bettor would need to place a $130.00 bet to win $100.00.

Football and basketball games can usually be bet using a point spread—the number of points which the winner of the game must meet or exceed, and that the loser must score within for a paying bet. Other sports, like baseball, hockey and soccer are generally bet with the moneyline because lower score totals mean any single run or goal has a much larger effect.

Some bets will allow the bettor a choice between the point spread and moneyline odds. No matter which the bettor chooses, the profit for the sportsbook is factored into the equation.